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Welcome to Northwest Arkansas's Original Mobile Gaming Trailer!

Changing the Way People Play Since 2019

Game On is a cutting edge portable entertainment service that is guaranteed to take group gaming to a whole new level.16 players can relax inside a climate-controlled environment and get their Game On! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation, corporate event, or any other special occasion we provide an unforgettable party experience. 

About Us

We started building Game On from the ground up in 2018, making sure to use local community businesses to bring the vision to life! Inuendos in Siloam Springs created our logo, Derek MacLeod designed the interior, and Mike Zimmerman custom built the inside. We were up and running by 2019! 

Unfortunately, we were grounded in 2020 like so many other small businesses, but we rallied and managed to bounce back!  We are thankful to all of our customers, friends, and family for their continued support and encouragement! It’s been a blessing to watch Game On bring so much joy to the people of NWA! 

~ Derek and Kathleen MacLeod

An Immersive Gaming and Entertainment Experience

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